UW student envisions park on the waterfront

Kiana Ballo, a senior at the University of Washington, has been working on a park master plan for a vacant waterfront area in Westport, and will be presenting her research at a community meeting next Friday, April 27, at Ocosta Junior – Senior High School. The meeting is at 7 p.m. in the library, and members of the public will be able to give feedback.

Ballo is an Ocosta High School graduate. According to her website, the project aims to convert the waterfront area along Pacific Avenue into a “functional public park by utilizing principles of ecological restoration and community-based restoration.”

Ballo writes that the property is zoned as a park, but that the city has no intention to redevelop it in the near future. Her master plan is focused on research regarding “site restoration with an assessment and incorporation of the needs of both the community and the City of Westport.”

By the end of her project, Ballo will have finished the master plan that she will then present to Westport City Council.

“With appropriate restoration, this site can be turned into a unique and valuable asset for both the city and the community,” she writes.