Cyber bullying

Much is said in favor of the internet and social media. But it can be misused. One way is “cyber bullying” that resulted in the recent suicide of a teenager.

At 72, I now have had this unsettling experience. Immediately following a recent visit with my son who told Facebook about our reunion, an unsolicited campaign of harassment, veiled threats and demands for personal information began from anonymous individuals subscribing to Facebook. My request that it stop was met with increased vigor and obscene images!

Finally, to preserve my right to privacy and peace of mind, I deactivated all of my internet accounts and contacts, with no future plans to resume this mode of communication. To me, this experience has left me with feeling like someone dumped a tub full of sewage in my living room! Not the desired effect intended by these cowards, I’m certain. Instead, my sole purpose for sharing this is my hope that all who use this so-called marvel of modern convenience as a weapon to harm, would instead make it a hand up to those who are discouraged and ready to allow life to defeat them and give up.

Linda Schaeffer

Westport resident